Quick Capture

Work smarter, faster,and with higher quality.

QuickCapture integrates paper and electronic business activities into a uniform, streamlined
document workflow.

Quick Capture ™ is an easy-to-use Windows-based software application that lets you use your PC connected TWAIN scanner to scan, view, index, enhance and manage documents.  QuickCapture lets you easily capture documents from your hard drive or with your PC connected document scanner and easily connect to virtually any AutoStore® orchestrated workflow.



With QuickCapture you can work smarter, faster, and with higher quality.  The software’s advanced image filtering capabilities allows users to improve document quality before the documents enter the business workflow.  Indexing of files goes faster and production scans run more efficiently.

 Major Benefits

Leverage Your PC Connected Document Scanners


QuickCapture allows you to leverage on your existing TWAIN document scanners.  Use the program to validate scans as they are processed, enter data associated with the scan, or make adjustments to optimize image results.  PC connected scanners are better suited to more complex capture operations.Ideal for low volume remote offices having no multifunction or mid to high volume where a variety of media types, such as over-sized paper, ID cards or other non-standard media—or if dual-sided scanning is frequently needed.Benefits:

  • Complementary to MFPs which are appropriate for low-complexity capture workflows with minimal data entry or capture manipulation requirements.
  • Integrates PC connected document scanner into NSi AutoStore workflows.
SnapIt™ : Don’t Type Just Click!


Indexing documents at the time of scanning can be a time-consuming and repetitive, especially if the amount of data and the number of documents is large.  Even with documents that are in digital format, there is a need to quickly and efficiently locate the relevant data on the page and easily use it for indexing.SnapIt™ provides PC Scanner users with an easy to use interface for capturing index data directly from scanned documents, using just a single click. Each time the user scans a document, SnapIT recognizes and highlights the various index fields. The user simply points to the highlighted field or draws a lasso box around the data, clicks once, and the values will automatically populate the index fields.Benefits:

  • Automatically populate index form fields with a single mouse click.
  • Guides the user by highlighting the relevant data on image.
  • Improves the speed and quality of data entry or indexing by eliminating manual steps normally associated with indexing documents.
  • Allows your highly skilled employees to focus on more challenging tasks.
Document Preview to Deliver High Quality Images


QuickCapture allows to preview captured or imported documents at the desktop before pushing them into an AutoStore orchestrated workflow. Users can improve the quality of the documents by applying image filtering capabilities that will improve document readability, image clarity, and optical character recognition.Benefits:

  • Deskew, despeckle, smoothing, invert text, resize image.
  • Remove lines, dots, borders, hole-punches.
  • Modify color resolution.
  • Add, delete, rotate pages.
Barcode Indexing : Drive Process and Efficiency


Many documents contain barcodes that identify document content or link a document with a particular business processes.  Quick Capture lets you to maximize the use of barcodes by capturing barcode information, and converting and using it as barcode indexing. Barcodes indexing is easily set from highlighted barcodes embedded on a page or by using SnapIT technology. Barcode indexing is used to release documents into different workflows and to separate large scans into smaller documents for automated processing.Benefits:

  • Barcode indexing results in more accurate delivery of documents to the appropriate back-end systems.
  • By separating large scans into smaller documents that are automatically processed and routed, workers can accomplish additional work.
Easy to Learn Intuitive Interface


QuickCapture has an intuitive interface guiding you directly to the result, the application is easy to learn and handle upon configuration. Movable panels let you design your own view. Top right and medium panel display the scanned document in thumbnails and page view. Top left and bottom display the indexing forms and fields.Benefits:

  • Fit the application interface to the personal preference of the user.
  • Save time through point- and-click indexing.
Adaptable Solution


Allows different types of workstation users, working in different office settings, with different workloads to effectively capture their documents and push them into the orchestrated workflows.Benefits:

  • Remote office workers can feed documents more quickly into business processes.
  • Customers sensitive to quality can review, edit and enhance images before they enter the workflows.
  • Flexible, efficient solution for individuals and production teams managing large scans.
  • Supports clustering and load-balancing for business critical scanning.
Enhanced Error Handling and Flexible Email Notification Scenarios

Notifications are a straightforward way to inform specified recipients via email whenever a change or issues occur during document processing. AutoStore notifies users of the success or failure status of a document driven workflow step or job.Benefits:

  • Any processing step in the AutoStore process chain is monitored and can be secured through intelligent when-if-scenarios.
  • Immediate recognition of failed document processes in the workflow.
  • Improved service levels.
Integration Into Any Document Management System (DMS)
AutoStore has backend connectors and standard APIs to link seamlessly with popular enterprise software applications and most available Document Management Systems (DMS).These connectors are free and directly supported and maintained by Notable Solutions. Click here for more.