MPI-Tech Linkcom stand alone printservers (boxes)

Stand-alone print servers

IBM Printer Connectivity – LAN, Coax and Twinax Print Servers
Stand-alone print servers

MPI Tech has provided printer connectivity for several decades. MPI Tech offers connectivity to Ethernet, Token Ring and even legacy Coax and Twinax. The various products range from plain printer connectivity with no print data conversion to sophisticated and complex SCS/DCA and IPDS print data conversion.

MPI Tech supplies printer connectivity and support for printers ranging from low speed inkjet and matrix printers to high end/high speed laser printers including MFP capabilities.


LAN Print Servers for IBM zSeries, iSeries and LAN printing – Bringing you up to speed

MPI Tech LAN Print Servers connects any type of printer to an Ethernet network. Our LAN print servers offer easy installation, setup and support all modern functions available on printers today (duplexing, stapling…). Both parallel, USB and networked (TCP/IP) printer connections are available.

MPI Tech offers both external and internal hardware connections for industry standard laser and matrix printers in host/LAN environments. IBM zSeries and IBM iSeries IPDS and SCS/DCA are supported including Full Colour, 2D Bar Codes etc..

MPI Tech’s print servers are designed to deliver trouble free operation and maximum print performance on every printer from any host system.

  • LinkCom IV Print Server
    Supports IPDS and SCS/DCA data streams with full color option and Parallel, USB or network printer connection.
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  • LinkCom III S Print Server
    Multifunctional and versatile protocol converter supporting both IBM host printing and any PC/LAN printing on laser printers including laser printers with MFP capabilities.
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