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The product Mercury is about a universal print & output management tool. With Mercury you fulfil all requirements of transaction printing. Add-ons concerning overlay & forms management support building of own printing applications or POD applications.
Mercury is in the position of being able to convert all major printing data streams from different origins to standardised formats. This allows output on manufacturer-independent printing systems. The Mercury workflow enables integration of production printing, corporate printing and office environment.
Standardisation of printing data allows optimal use of printing systems of all performance levels. This because the printing volume can be optimally controlled by the Mercury workflow.
Mercury comes up as a plug & play solution. With help of its different modules, customer specific requirements may be implemented easily, using Mercury like a construction Kit.
• Modular construction kit
• Plug & play solution
• Server/client concept
• IBM 370 & ESCON connectivity
• SNA integration
• IBM IPDS conversion
• Xerox Metacode / LCDS / VIPP® conversion
• Prescribe & IGP conversion
• Conversion of printing data to PCL / PDF
• Overlay management
• Dynamic forms management
• Filters for printer controlling
• Bi-directional communication back to the host
• Processing of raw data
• Universal data scanner for dynamic forms
• Programming interface / XML interface
• Reprint & cluster functionality
• Printing performance of several 1000ppm


Mercury modules

All modules within the Mercury system have standardised interfaces and can therefore be  arbitrarily combined.











This allows solution of very different requirements at the customer’s. At the same time user data can extracted from existing applications and may be modified to new form applications. The facility of combining arbitrary user data and the arbitrary combination of different modules Mercury is unique. Where forms formerly had to laboriously generated at host side, they
now can be easily added to the original data by using Windows applications. The schematic overview of all Mercury modules clarifies the construction kit.