Your gateway to electronic document capture.

AutoCapture electronic business activities bring asset files together into a uniform, streamlined document workflow.

Not every business process originates on paper. And, for that matter, not every document your team works on is paper-based either. So how do you solve the challenge of introducing both paper and electronic documents into the same secure, centrally administered workflow? With NSi AutoCapture this challenge is met.

AutoCapture leverages the power of AutoStore by extending to your desktop the same document workflows used to capture your paper documents on an MFP or scanner. With AutoCapture, any file on your workstation is easily introduced into the AutoStore orchestrated workflow.


For example, a candidate’s resume is in a folder on your computer. Your boss needs it processed ASAP. To initiate this document into your business process, just right click on it, and AutoCapture will present the AutoStore workflows you’re authorized to perform. In this case, you select the “Candidate Resume” workflow at which time a few fields are then presented to you for keyword entry. After filling in the candidate’s last name and the hiring department, the resume is immediately and efficiently delivered, saving both time and money and giving you peace of mind.

But the power of AutoCapture doesn’t stop there. Included with AutoCapture is the ability to also deliver email messages (with attachments included) into the exact same workflows. What’s more, Microsoft Office files can also be routed into an AutoStore workflow even while the file is open by simply clicking on an icon in the same ribbon area as other common tasks such as Print and Save.


Full Microsoft Office Integrationautocapture for office

AutoCapture integrates seamlessly into your day-to-day Microsoft Officedesktop environment, an ideal situation for organizations wishing to capture both paper documents at the MFP as well as electronic documents from an individual’s desktop. With AutoCapture, you can introduce documents into your business process by just a click of a button from within Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Right Click Desktop Capture

autocapture rightclick
Electronic document processing at its best, AutoCapture uses Windows’ standard right click functionality of the mouse to select and deliver any file into an AutoStore orchestrated workflow.
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